There’s still hope! Nokia Windows 8 tablet may still be in development


For more than a year, we’ve been speculating that Nokia was working on a Windows 8 tablet; we even went so far, last March, as to call it a potentially iPad-destroying device. Them’s fightin’ words.

But, as Ubergizmo reported earlier today, Nokia developers have consistently been leaking details over the months and, while we were all still left guessing whether or not the leaks were true — we almost always secretly hope they are — there really has been no way to know for sure.

The most recent leak states that one developer claims that he worked on the design for a Windows 8 app for Nokia.

The developer said he “Helped design and concept the Adidas Micoach app proposal for the Nokia Tablet. The Tablet App intended to be an extension of coaches allowing them to build teams and monitor individual trainings for each athlete. The way that works is to connect the app to existing technology on Adidas products to read the workout data registered by cell chip implants. The app also tapped into the community allowing users to challenge each other by sending notifications to friends and their social feeds.”

Back in December, we wrote about how hopeful we were to see an unveiling of this tablet at the Mobile World Congress, but alas, we had no such luck. All we know, as of now, is that Nokia’s executive VP of design did confirm that he spent the majority of his time working on the development of a tablet.

Beside that, the only other real specs that have been repeated time and time again are that it will likely have a 10-inch display that runs on a dual-core Qualcomm processor. Other than that, the oh-so-elusive Nokia Windows 8 tablet is a big ol’ mystery.