Nokia World event announced for September: What delights could it bring?

Nokia World 2012 BannerWhile all eyes will be on the Yerba Buena Center today, come September, attention will turn to the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland for Nokia World 2012.

Previously, Nokia World has been held in London, and this year’s relocation to Helsinki coincides with the city being named the World Design Capital 2012, and with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s comments regarding Nokia’s pride in its Finnish roots.

This annual event sees thousands of people connected with Nokia and the mobile industry gather to hear about the latest innovations, take part in workshops and most importantly — for us, anyway — to see some new hardware unveiled.

Last year saw the arrival of the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, and the year before that a huge swathe of new Symbian phones including the N8. As you can probably tell, it’s an important event for Nokia, and is similar to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

With the event still six months away, it’s impossible to know exactly what Nokia will show us, however we can still speculate.

Windows Phone Apollo

The timing of the event is in-line with the rumored release of Windows Phone Apollo, also known as Windows Phone 8 and the next major update to Microsoft’s operating system, of which Nokia is a staunch supporter.

Amongst other things, Apollo will let manufacturers use dual-core processors, and has published the codenames for two such devices from Nokia — the Prodigy and the AC/DC.

It has also been confirmed Nokia will bring the impressive camera technology found on the 808 PureView to Windows Phone soon, so perhaps one of the above handsets could feature a 41-megapixel camera too.

Windows 8 tablet

Another possibility is that of a tablet. Although Nokia hasn’t been in a hurry to release one, CEO Stephen Elop has previously said his team was “assessing the right strategy” and that he “sees the opportunity” in Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft’s next computer operating system will potentially be released around the end of the year, and Windows Phone is set to be tightly integrated with the new desktop software. In a recent interview, the head of Nokia France also seemingly confirmed a Nokia tablet for this year.

Nokia has had a storming start to 2012, with the Lumia 900 marking a return to the North American market, the Lumia 610 attacking the lower end of the spectrum and the 808 PureView stealing the show at Mobile World Congress. If Nokia delivers the goods at Nokia World, then it’ll be closing an already impressive year in style.

Nokia World 2012 will be held on 25 and 26 September.


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