Nokia’s New 6682 Smartphone

Besides high-quality photography, the Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone supports a wide range of productivity tools, such as always-on e-mail delivered over high-speed EDGE networks, office document viewers, upgraded synchronization for PC users, and the optional Nokia Wireless Keyboard. The Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone, designed for the Americas market, is expected to be available during the 2nd quarter of 2005.

Behind the active slide that covers and protects the camera lens while closed, and rapidly activates the imaging function when opened, is a 1.3 megapixel imaging sensor that can capture bothhigh-quality still images and up to one hour of video. Standard video and image editing applications that can add black & white or sepia-tone effects among others, allow users to customize thecaptured content before sharing them with friends and family.  Image printing has been simplified with Nokia’s XpressPrint solution, which enables connection to a wide range of compatibleprinters and photo kiosks using Bluetooth technology, with the hot-swappable reduced-size MMC card, or via industry-standard PictBridge connectivity. PictBridge connectivity makes it simple for usersto print photos on a compatible printer via a USB cable without needing to use a PC. Images can also be shared via wireless e-mail, MMS or uploaded over the air to an online web album using the Nokia6682 imaging smartphone’s high-speed EDGE connectivity.   While the Nokia 6682 smartphone offers a wide array of high quality imaging features, it also doubles as a serious productivity tool.The e-mail application offers push notification when new messages have been received, and included document viewers easily handle a variety of common e-mail attachment types. Information access issimplified with an integrated multimode browser that supports both wireless Internet content as well as conventional HTML content for a desktop-like experience. The optional Nokia Wireless Keyboard,which connects to the Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone using Bluetooth technology, offers a full QWERTY keyboard in a compact foldable unit, and makes writing e-mails, composing documents using optionaloffice application software and browsing the Internet faster and more convenient. The Nokia 6682 imaging smartphone also handles synchronization of contacts, calendar and to-do lists for PC users.  Nokia 6682