Nokia’s wintery teaser video hints a new camera phone will be coming at MWC

Nokia MWC 2012 Teaser VideoIf you’re wondering why there has been such a proliferation of phone news recently, it’s because Mobile World Congress opens its doors on 27 February in Barcelona, and most major manufacturers will be there with some exciting new products.

Despite not taking part for the last couple of years, Nokia will be returning to the show this year, flush with Windows Phone success and an injection of Microsoft marketing cash. However, its line-up won’t consist solely of hardware using Microsoft’s software, as several S40 phones and a Symbian device have also been rumored to appear.

Nokia is said to be ceasing production of new Symbian hardware soon, making it a strong possibility that any new Symbian phone we do see could be the last, meaning Nokia will want to go out on a high.

Enter talk of the Nokia 808 PureView, a name attached to the device which could replace the Nokia N8, one of the very best camera phones money can buy.

Teaser video

Today, Nokia has lent some weight to the rumor by releasing a short teaser video. The 20-second clip shows some winter scenes accompanied by titles such as “pure detail” and “pure definition” before concluding with “get ready to capture a pure view.” The phrasing is just too convenient to pass this off as nothing more than a coincidence.

The N8, brilliant though it still is, would benefit from a makeover given its age, and where better to unveil a brand-new top-of-the-range camera phone than MWC 2012.

As usual, there are some incredibly optimistic views on what the new phone could feature, with some guessing it will have a truly monster megapixel count and others suggesting a dual-core processor will be driving the device.

In addition to the stills performance, Nokia could be preparing to beef up the video recording capabilities of its phones too. A tweet from Nokia’s camera guru Damian Dinning didn’t confirm or deny a device with 1080p video would be coming soon, but said “I will say this, when we do 1080[p], we’ll do it like no other.”

The video’s style and cryptic remarks would work just as well for video as it does for stills cameras, however it could also refer to a really great screen too, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

Of course, at this stage, we don’t even know if an 808 PureView, or whatever it ends up being called even really exists, but Nokia’s teaser video remains very intriguing.