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Nomad’s hefty new MagSafe charger will stay exactly where you put it

Tired of your wireless charger making its own way around the desk or bedside table? The way lightweight pads can slip around, seemingly with a will of their own, can be frustrating. That’s why you need Nomad’s new Stand One.

This metal and glass MagSafe charger weighs 613 grams, or just over 1 pound. It’s unlikely to shift about without quite a lot of encouragement. It’s likely a bit overkill, but is there anything really wrong with that?

The Nomad Stand One in carbide.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Stand One’s hefty weight comes from the solid metal body and from the glass top section. Its sturdiness makes it durable as well as safe. It’s a companion product to Nomad’s Base One, which lays flat on a surface, while the Stand One has an upright position angled to 21 degrees so you can see the phone’s screen more easily.

The MagSafe puck attached to the upper section allows you to securely mount your phone in portrait or landscape orientation. It’ll be fine without a case, but as with most MagSafe products, the extra grip that comes from using a MagSafe-compatible case will help it stay in place. It’s a Made for iPhone product and provides wireless charging at up to 15W for your MagSafe-compatible iPhone — such as the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro.

A 2-meter USB Type-C cable has been integrated into the Stand One, but it does not come with a charging block. To get the full 15W experience, you have to use a 20W adaptor, so do consider that before buying it. If you use an adaptor that isn’t powerful enough, the Stand One may not charge your phone at all.

Nomad makes the Stand One in either silver or carbide finishes, much like the Base One, and it costs $110. You can order one today from Nomad’s online store. If that’s a little too pricey, then we have a selection of other iPhone chargers for you right here.

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Other MagSafe accessories like MagSafe cases and mounts may or may not be made by Apple but work well with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. Third-party sellers often market their products as “MagSafe-compatible,” but these accessories can’t match the power and functionality of original Apple products. For instance, the official MagSafe charger from Apple offers 12- to 15-watt charging, but most MagSafe-compatible chargers are just 7.5W Qi chargers with magnets attached. 
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The new Nomad Base One charger comes in two color options: Silver and carbide gray. I've been using the latter, and it goes well with my desk. Aside from the MagSafe area, it is covered in glass on the top, which gives it a premium feel. The top has a glossy finish, and it weighs 515 grams (just over a pound). The weight helps it stay put on the table even when you are fiddling with your iPhone to take it off the charger. It has a USB-C port and is designed to look great on your desk, your nightstand, or as a living room accessory. The Carbide Gray color option looks better since it reflects when light falls on the surface, which makes it look cool.

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