Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight pictures: See the light, watch it glow

Though it wasn’t supposed to launch until May, Barnes & Noble is already shipping pre-orders for the $140 e-reader and it is available to try and buy in Barnes & Noble’s 700 or so stores around the country as well. As I said in the hands-on video, I like the new screen and think it’s a good enhancement. 

Other than the light, this is basically the same e-reader as the Nook Simple Touch, which hit shelves almost a year ago. That’s not a bad thing, as we still like the Simple Touch, but you shouldn’t buy this if you’re looking for any radical enhancements or new features. All you’re getting are some added menus for the GlowLight front-light and the ability to hold the ‘n’ home button down to turn the light on or off.

We’ll have a full review shortly. 

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