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Nothing to spill nothing but ‘The Truth’ at March 23 event

On March 23, Nothing, the new technology company co-founded by Carl Pei, will hold an event called The Truth, where it will talk about what it has in store for 2022. To be clear, it doesn’t appear Nothing will actually launch any new products during this event, but rather give us a hint at what’s to come this year.

In addition to this, the event will be used to showcase a new round of investment into Nothing. Its Series B funding round has brought in $70 million, which will be used to push forward with the development of new products, plus it will help further establish Nothing’s new London Design Hub.

Dig further into the press details about the funding, and you’ll find a further exciting hint at where Nothing may be headed with its product line. “The funding will be used to create new product categories in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon platform,” it’s written. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon range of processors and associated technology is most often found in smartphones, along with tablets and laptops.

Rumors of a Nothing smartphone have spread since the company’s formation, primarily due to Pei previously co-founding OnePlus, and also from it seemingly acquiring the Essential brand in 2021, but they have seriously gathered pace over the last weeks. Pei was photographed with several Qualcomm executives at Mobile World Congress and prototypes of a device may have been secretly shown during the Barcelona trade show, plus much has been read into a tweet of his saying simply, “Back on Android.” Rumors claim the first Nothing smartphone may launch as soon as April.

By calling its March 23 event The Truth, we can assume Nothing wants to put the record straight and set expectations for the coming year. This could be related to the continued rumors, and could reasonably go either way: That Nothing is building a smartphone, or that it’s not. Either way, clarification will be welcome. So far, Nothing has released one product, the Nothing Ear 1 true wireless headphones.

The event will be streamed on Nothing’s website on March 23 at 2 p.m. GMT, which is 6 a.m. PT or 9 a.m. ET. If that sounds a little early, then don’t worry, Digital Trends will have all the details ready for when you start the day.

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