This could be the Nvidia Shield 2 (yes, it exists)

nvidia p2570 visits fcc follow shield

It’s been roughly a year since Nvidia released its Tegra 4-powered Android-based gaming handheld, the Shield. As such, it’s most likely due for an upgrade, and based on a recent FCC visit by a device that looks much like the Shield, we might get that upgrade.

Dubbed the P2570, the device bears a striking resemblance to the Shield while also displaying subtle differences when compared to the Shield. For one, the bumper buttons look to be lengthened. In addition, the shoulder buttons appear to be slightly raised, with the overall packaging looking slender and more compact. In other words, if the P2570 ends up being the Shield 2, it seems to be shaped more like an actual controller rather than the original Shield, which is shaped around its 5-inch screen.

While the FCC listing didn’t reveal much more, we do know the upcoming Shield 2 will be equipped with Tegra’s K1 processor, the company’s successor to its Tegra 4 chipset. Also likely to be upgraded is the display, which is expected to see a resolution bump from its current 720p incarnation. We could see the Shield 2 announced sooner rather than later with E3 right around the corner.

Image: Engadget
Image: Engadget