NVIDIA To Power New i-mode Phones

From NVIDIA’s press release:

NVIDIA Corporation today announced that its multimedia graphics technology is primed to impact the mobile phone and PDA market, as Mitsubishi Electric has incorporated the NVIDIA GoForce 2100 technology into its latest i-mode mobile phone, the M341i.

The NVIDIA GoForce 2100 handheld multimedia processor is ultra low-power, and is designed to implement video and camera functionality on the handset LCD display. The GoForce 2100 offers VGA camera compatibility, supporting QVGA resolutions ideally suited to mobile phone displays, and it provides an onboard JPEG encoder, which handles captured images and compresses still pictures in resolutions up to VGA resolution (640 × 480). By delivering incredibly low-power hardware acceleration, the GoForce 2100 can provide mobile phone and PDA consumers with rich multimedia content and extended battery life.

“Mitsubishi’s M341i i-mode handset marks a strong entry into this large and exciting market for NVIDIA, and the GoForce 2100 provides it with an ultralow-power solution for what are typically power consuming applications and tasks,” says Phil Carmack, general manager of handheld business at NVIDIA. “Mobile technologies represent a large new business opportunity for NVIDIA, and the GoForce 2100 is just the beginning of a full roadmap of new technologies coming soon for this market.”

“The flexibility of the GoForce 2100 chip meant that we could write games directly to the graphics engine on the M341i handset – this combined with the extremely low-powered design and the quality of the colour display makes it the perfect partnership,” said Stéphane Le Provost, multimedia program leader for Mitsubishi. “The M341i is already selling very well in France and we expect this handset to play a key role in the predicted boom in mobile phone sales over the next six months.”

The Mitsubishi M341i is the first European phone to take advantage of the GoForce 2100 technology, and boasts an impressive 400 hours standby time, thanks to the ultralow-power consumption of the design. In addition to incorporating a digital camera, the M341i has a 310,000-pixel, 1.9-inch 262K colour main screen and a 0.9-inch outer screen.

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