O2 Revises UK iPhone Tariffs

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedIn the UK each network provider has so many different tariffs available that it can be confusing – very confusing. After research among its customers O2 haverestructured its tariffs, and among the big winners are iPhone owners, although there’s speculation that their fees might have come down because oflower than expected UK sales, possibly 10,000 below expectations, Vnunet reports.   Previously, iPhone customers had to pay upfront for the handset ($540),and had a choice of three different plans, costing $70, $90 or $110 a month.   Under the changes, for example, an iPhone user on the lowest level will now get double the monthly minutes andtexts. On the highest level, users will have the option of either saving $20 a month or climbing to a new $150 level that offers 3,000 minutes and 500 texts each month. The handset fee will remainunchanged, however.   Existing customers will find the new tariffs taking effect next month, while new customers will click in during March. There will be no change to the fact that iPhone userswill have unlimited access and browsing at Wi-Fi hotspots owned by The Cloud.