OKCupid’s Crazy Blind Date aims to ease those lonely, lonely nights

Whether you’re looking for love, a new friend, or an interesting experience, OKCupid has a solution for you. It’s new mobile app, Crazy Blind Date, is dedicated to setting you up with a completely random partner at a local hang out and seeing if the two of you can hit it off.

As opposed to its main dating service, which aims to hook up people based on similar interests and compatibility, Crazy Blind Date sets you up with someone who is just simply available and in the area. You’re given a scrambled image of your date’s face, their name, and the option to chat with them just one hour before meeting to nail down any details and give indications as to who to look for. Other than that, you’ll be heading into the date with nothing but good intentions and low expectations.

The app is actually the second appearance of the Crazy Blind Date service. It was first created as a web-based application back in 2007, but failed almost instantly. Sitting down at a computer and attempting to set up a date might not be quite as spontaneous an activity as it can be on a mobile device, and OKCupid hopes the new platform will revive the concept. It’s not about finding a potential match right away as much as it’s about having an experience. We hope you aren’t paired up with an axe murderer or anything, though that could make for a good story, assuming you survive. 

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