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One in five drivers use the Internet behind the wheel

using phone while drivingAn online survey conducted by State Farm revealed that 19 percent of the participants admitted they browse the Internet while driving. According to the results, the perpetrators are mostly like to be using their phones for directions, using e-mail, and our favorites, “looking up/reference specific information of immediate interest” and “looking at/reading social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).”

If it’s any comfort to you (and it shouldn’t be), the guilty parties said they usually engage in this behavior at red lights or in traffic jams. But considering the extremely deadly results driving and phones generally equates to, there’s little solace to be found.

At least fewer people are browsing the web than are using their handsets to make and receive calls or text. A study last month revealed new insight into the popularity of SMS, earlier this year we found that adults are just as likely teenagers to text while driving. Which all amounts to one thing: It’s a dangerous time to be on the road.

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