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One of the best cheap smartphones you can buy just got even cheaper

New $350 price tag makes the OnePlus 2 an even better deal

OnePlus 2
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
The OnePlus 2 is one of the best Android smartphone deals out there, and as of right now, it’s an even better purchase because the price has been lowered to $350. That’s $40 cheaper than it was at launch, and thanks to the recent end of the invitation system that frustrated so many, you can buy it without having to wait.

The price reduction applies in the UK and Europe as well, where the OnePlus 2 now costs £250 or 345 euros. The news gets better. OnePlus has ditched the 16GB model and now only sells the 64GB alternative, so this price drop doesn’t mean compromising on internal storage space. Don’t worry if you just bought a OnePlus 2 at the higher cost either, provided it was in the past 15 days, OnePlus will refund the $40 price difference.

How did OnePlus manage to cut the cost? Apparently, we’ve got that annoying invitation system to thank. In a blog post announcing the news, OnePlus founder Carl Pei said the, “cost to produce a OnePlus 2 has never been lower,” and that having used the invitation system effectively to manage timing and scale, it’s possible to pass savings on to eager buyers.

To further encourage people to buy a OnePlus phone, and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, OnePlus 2 buyers will get a free StyleSwap rear cover to personalize their phones (we particularly like the Black Apricot model). Anyone wanting the insanely pretty OnePlus X won’t get the same price reduction, but an official case is being bundled for free with all orders at the moment.

This isn’t a limited time promotion either, it’s permanent. The same can’t be said for Google’s latest Nexus 5X discount, where the 32GB phone is also sitting at $350 inside the Play Store, while its 16GB counterpart is just $300. However, the promotion — also for Valentine’s Day — ends on February 12, when $50 will be added on to both prices.

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