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The most unusual (and most exclusive) special-edition OnePlus 5 is now for sale

OnePlus is very good at making special editions of its smartphones and the latest is arguably the most interesting, and most unusual yet. The smartphone brand teamed up with fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to create the OnePlus 5 JCC+, a uniquely styled version of the OnePlus 5. The partnership doesn’t end there. OnePlus and de Castelbajac also created a series of accessories in his signature, colorful style.

How to buy the OnePlus 5 JCC+

The OnePlus 5 JCC+ smartphone is available to buy now through the OnePlus online store for 500 British pounds, or 560 euros. It’s only being sold in Europe at this time, and only comes in the 8GB/128GB model. There is no price difference between the regular 8GB OnePlus 5 and the JCC+ special edition.

OnePlus - JCC+ Callection Launch

OnePlus officially launched the JCC+ phone at an event in Paris, at the Colette store, on Friday, September 22. The phone is the centerpiece of de Castelbajac’s collaboration with OnePlus. Collectively known as the “Callection,” it also consists of several accessories. These include a T-shirt, a baseball cap, a tote bag, plus a special holster and bag-style case for the phone. Many of these will be sold in North America, but are not in the online store at the time of writing.

If you already own a OnePlus 5, and want to give it a new look, there are many cases available for the phone already.

OnePlus 5 JCC+

What is the phone like? It’s a OnePlus 5 as we already know and love inside, but the rear cover has been decorated with a quote from de Castelbajac. It says, “This is not a smartphone. It is a creative machine for artists, fashion expert, ideas catcher. This tool is kool [sic] you can use it also as a telephone.” However, it’s not the inscription that we really love, it’s the splashes of de Castelbajac’s signature colors on the device that make it stand out.

OnePlus & Castelbajac – A Fusion of Art and Tech

The volume rocker is bright red, the sleep/wake key is blue, and the notification slider is in sparkling gold. The overall combination makes the JCC+ look special and unlike any other phone. Switch it on, and there are 10 different wallpapers all drawn by the man himself from which to choose. Fans who don’t have the phone can download them separately from OnePlus’s dedicated website. The OnePlus 5 JCC+ is based on the 128GB version of the OnePlus 5, so it also has 8GB of RAM. All the promotional images for these items were shot on a OnePlus 5 to demonstrate its dual-lens camera’s portrait mode.

There is no word on exactly how many OnePlus 5 JCC+ phones will be produced, but it is being referred to as, “extremely limited,” so don’t expect it to be many. If you want one, you should probably order it quickly.

Update: The OnePlus 5 JCC+ is ready for purchase if you live in Europe.

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