This crazy case makes your iPhone feel like a OnePlus 2, but it also holds a secret

Tired of the same smooth-feeling rear panel on your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S? Do you enviously caress the sandpapery textured OnePlus 2 whenever one happens to be nearby? If that’s you, then OnePlus has the solution — an official OnePlus Sandstone Case for Apple’s regular sized iPhone.

For just $20/£16 the startup smartphone manufacturer will sell you a case that gives your iPhone that same sandpaper cover made popular — sort of — by the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. Made from polycarbonate, it adds texture, grip, and protection to the delicate iPhone, along with a cheeky OnePlus logo right in the center.

Why has OnePlus decided to start making cases for other phones? Like many of the company’s crazier ideas, it’s all a fun marketing ploy. This time, hidden inside the box is an invitation to buy the new OnePlus X, its latest smartphone that ironically abandons the sandpaper body for one constructed entirely from glass and metal.

While some will jump on the case just hearing this news, there’s another reason to be even more excited about it; because there’s a chance the invite will be for the limited edition OnePlus X Ceramic. Inside it may be the same as the OnePlus X Onyx, but outside the Ceramic’s panel are made from a different material, making the phone standout alongside the standard glass Onyx model. There are only 10,000 being made, so it’s truly limited. Finally, the invite may even offer a very select few a OnePlus X for free.

If all that’s worth splashing out $20 for, regardless of whether you own an iPhone or not, you’ll need to be quick. OnePlus only has a limited amount of cases for sale and once they’re gone, we doubt it’ll be bringing them back anytime soon. The Sandstone case is listed as in stock and ready for delivery over at OnePlus’s website right now.