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OnePlus teams up with JBL, launches cool earphones and a special edition OnePlus One

Mobile industry newcomer OnePlus has joined forces with JBL, and produced a set of earphones designed to complement the OnePlus One smartphone. The E1+ earbuds will be available internationally, and will joined by a special edition of the phone itself. Sadly, the company appears only to be launching the JBL co-branded phone in China at the moment.

The E1+ earphones come in bright red, and have a OnePlus logo stamped on the three-button, in-line remote. The JBL branding can be seen on the earbud’s polished metal end caps, which cover the 9mm driver’s housing. These have a slight 75-degree angle, to provide a better fit, and will come with a choice of four ear tips in different sizes.

During a special OnePlus event in Beijing, the E1+ earphones weren’t the only JBL tie-up announced. A special edition of the OnePlus One was also revealed, complete with the JBL logo emblazoned on the base of the rear panel. The E1+ earphones are included in the package, plus the phone comes with a specially designed “tuning app,” loaded with a selection of custom made JBL EQ presets. OnePlus will sell the 16GB, Sandstone black version of the phone and the earphones together in a cool box set.

The OnePlus JBL E1+ earphones will be sold internationally, and are already listed on the firm’s website with a price tag of $40, or £30 in the UK. No exact release date is given, but we can expect them to go on sale during October. The JBL special edition of the OnePlus One appears to be getting a limited release in China only, where the box set with the earphones will cost the equivalent of $360. If there’s a wider release coming for the JBL edition of the phone, it hasn’t been confirmed at this stage.

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