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OnePlus teases secret release plans, but it may not be for a new phone

oneplus lifestyle product launch news teaser
What is OnePlus up to? The smartphone company, known not only for its excellent phones but also for its creative and fun marketing campaigns, has started teasing something new through its social networks. Except it doesn’t appear to be a new phone.

Checking both OnePlus’s Facebook and Twitter accounts shows the same image being posted, with the words, “What’s in store for OnePlus?” and the hashtag #comingsoon attached. The picture is made up of eight smaller images, each frustratingly blurred out. Despite the subterfuge, a few do still give away some interesting details.

The two most in-focus shots show what looks like something made of fabric, while the others are all lifestyle pictures of someone perhaps sitting on a step. Is OnePlus’s new product a bag? While it sounds unlikely at first, a quick browse of the company’s Chinese website makes it seem more possible.

In China, OnePlus sells various lifestyle products through its online store, from wallets to luggage tags, and shoulder bags to backpacks. The OnePlus logo is featured on them, and the Travel Backpack’s design looks very similar to the product we can almost make out in the teaser picture that has been shared.

It’s possible OnePlus is about to open this side of its business internationally. It’s good news too, as like OnePlus’s smartphones, the bags appear to represent good value for money. The Travel Backpack, for example, costs the equivalent of $45, and has enough capacity to fit a laptop, phone, various accessories, a magazine, umbrella, and more inside. We like the color scheme too. The Messenger-style shoulder bag is available for the same price, and large enough to take a 13-inch laptop.

None of this is certain yet, and OnePlus hasn’t made anything official. Potentially, the teaser picture may end up being about something completely different. We’ll keep you updated right here.

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