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Second time could be the charm for OnePlus One pre-orders on November 17

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After solely relying on its invite system as the way for people to buy the OnePlus One, OnePlus finally launched its pre-order system this past Monday. Unfortunately, and to the surprise of no one, things didn’t go at all smoothly, so OnePlus is trying to make amends by opening up its pre-order system again next month.

While thousands were still able to pre-order the One, OnePlus acknowledged that, for many, due to its servers inability to keep up with the surge of traffic, orders did not go through. OnePlus attempted to handle expected traffic by doubling its server size, but that didn’t help much. Many people attempted to log in and submit pre-orders at the same time, so the servers hanged, preventing users from logging in.

As time passed and more people began to log in, the backlog of connections piled up and gave users headaches. Based on the short FAQ section in the post, it can be presumed that users encountered several problems, such as multiple handset charges, orders to be delivered to the U.S. when would-be buyers actually live in Canada, and other issues.

In an attempt to remedy this terrible first showing, OnePlus will launch pre-orders for the One a second time on November 17 at 10 a.m. Eastern (15:00 GMT). OnePlus did not reveal how long the pre-order window will be this time around. For reference, OnePlus originally set the window for one hour before expanding it at the last minute to three hours on Monday.

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