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You can get a refund if your OnePlus USB Type-C cable won’t charge your device

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Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
In November, a Google engineer stated that USB Type-C cables produced by smartphone manufacturer OnePlus were unsuitable for use with the Chromebook Pixel and the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones, due to a resistor inside that may damage certain devices. A few weeks later, OnePlus responded with a statement clarifying the subject, and announced it will offer a refund to anyone who purchased a OnePlus USB Type-C cable to use with a device other than the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus says its USB Type-C cable and adaptor do use a resistor that may not be compatible with all USB Type-C products out there. The resistor inside is only designed to handle a maximum of two amps, but may let devices that support fast-charging pull more than this, which may damage the power source if the connected charger doesn’t have a way to regulate power flow. Apparently, if a charger has a CE, UL, or CCC logo it should be safe to use.

OnePlus USB Type C CableCompatibility is slightly confusing, The cable and adaptor are safe to use provided it’s through a certified charger, but not with any that don’t have a certification logo. Devices that can be charged, such as the new Nexus phones, won’t fast-charge and the Chromebook Pixel won’t charge at all. To try and clear up confusion, OnePlus has produced a chart that you can see here. None of the safety issues relate to the USB Type-C charging on the OnePlus 2, with which the cable should operate without a problem.

If you bought one of the OnePlus USB Type-C cables for use with another device, OnePlus will offer you a refund, which can be applied for here. This is only applicable to cables that were purchased separately, and not those that came boxed with the OnePlus 2. Anyone in China or India that has purchased a cable is advised to visit a OnePlus service and repair center. OnePlus will keep the refund offer open until December 31.

Moving forward, OnePlus is changing the problematic resistor inside its USB Type-C cables over for one with wider device support.

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