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This company is encouraging people to punch its smartphones

Punch K4000 Pro: looking for boxing champion
There are many ways a company can prove how impervious to damage their latest smartphones are. Whether it’s thrown from a building, or driven over with a 10-ton truck, we’ve seen it all. Except this one. Chinese smartphone brand Oukitel is actively encouraging people to punch its newest product. Yes, punch.

The K4000 Pro was announced at the beginning of the year, and it’s designed to be tough. What better way is there to demonstrate resilience than being able to take a fist right in the face? Repeatedly. Oukitel’s apparently asking members of the public at pop-up events promoting the phone to come and give the K4000 Pro one right in the kisser.

Like some bizarre, modern version of the High Striker strength test found in fairgrounds, those keen to channel their inner Rocky are queuing up to show the phone who’s boss. It’s not hearsay either, just check out the video above, where strength and stupidity are shown in equal amounts. Why stupidity? Because they’re unlikely to be punching a hole through the K4000 Pro any time soon.

Knock nails INTO and OUT of Wood - K4000 Pro Screen Challenge

The phone has a metal frame with a structure designed to take a fall, while the glass screen is 1.1mm thick and tempered for added protection. At the end of 2015, Oukitel showed the poor K4000 Pro being used to bang nine nails into a piece of wood, then for good measure, knock a few out again. It showed no sign of damage, and appeared to work as expected afterwards. Your fleshy fists aren’t going to do it much damage. Judging by the aggression being taken out on the phone, and the ease with which those plastic seats give up in the video, there’s a higher chance you’ll be the one sustaining injury.

Oukitel’s K4000 Pro phone has a 5-inch screen, a massive 4600mAh battery, a quad-core MediaTek processor, and a 13-megapixel camera, all for around $100. Oh, and it can take a beating.

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