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Latest Oura partnership adds new meditations and a new way to buy the smart ring

In its continued quest to provide great value to those who wear the Oura Ring, the company has announced a partnership with Therabody, makers of the Theragun percussive recovery muscle massage device. A selection of new features benefiting those who own the Oura Ring and a Therabody device is being introduced, along with a new way to try on and buy the Oura Ring itself.

Oura Ring and Therabody's Theragun massage device.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While you may be familiar with the Oura Ring — we’ve recently covered the new third-generation model, for example — Therabody may be new to you. Its main product, the Theragun, works using percussive therapy, a massage technique that’s designed to help alleviate muscle pain after intense activity. This focus on sport and recovery fits in with the Oura Ring’s core data points, which help assess daily readiness and overall health using sleep and activity data.

Outside of the Theragun, Therabody also produces other devices focusing on relaxation and recovery. In the Oura app, you’ll find eight examples of its TheraMind audio therapy content, joining Oura’s extensive list of mediations already available. The Ring gives those who use a TheraMind program the chance to see the difference it makes on their body and sleep through the data provided by the ring’s sensors.

Also in the Oura app, Therabody device routines can be tagged to help identify where they’re helping and to spot differences long-term. In the Therabody app, Oura has contributed a new sleep protocol. While the link between Therabody and Oura’s products is clear, the partnership goes beyond providing owners of each device with additional tools and benefits.

Therabody has 20 retail locations in the U.S., something Oura does not. Now, the Oura Ring will be sold through these stores, meaning you’ll be able to see, size, and try on the Oura Ring for yourself, without having to order the trial sizing kit and wonder which finish is right for you before buying. Of course, there’s also the chance to see how the Oura Ring works with Therabody’s products at the same time.

The partnership with Therabody comes after the release of the third-generation Oura Ring, and other partnerships with Strava and Natural Cycles.

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