Microsoft’s new Skype Meetings caters to the Office 365 Business crowd

Microsoft's Skype Meetings is a business-focused, web-based videoconference service that offers Office 365 integration for paid users. Up to 10 people can use it free for 60 days, then three people thereafter unless you subscribe
Smart Home

Need help furnishing your apartment? Check out Homee, a new interior design app

Sean Rad has become a personal investor in Homee, a furniture and home design iOS app that helps millennials (and anyone else) furnish their home with stylish, affordable, and unique furniture.

Facebook’s OpenCellular makes it easier to start your own mobile network

Facebook's OpenCellular, an open-source hardware and software initiative, aims to lower barriers to entry for small mobile providers in developing nations. It's part of the social network's broader initiative to extend internet access to…
Product Review

A pen James Bond might use? Beyond Ink is a pen and stylus … with a few other tricks inside

It looks and writes like a pen, but this gizmo from Beyond Ink also works as a stylus, phone charger, and USB thumb drive.

Google Now on Tap gains text translation, bar code scanning features

Google's Now on Tap has gained a few new features with its latest update. The machine learning-powered search app can now translate text, scan bar codes and QR codes, and send you down an internet wormhole with its new Discover section.

Walmart Pay now available in all of retailer's 4,600 stores nationwide

The mobile payments ecosystem is booming, with companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google each pushing their own payment systems. The newest contender? Walmart. The company is offering a way for customers to pay with their phone when they…
Social Media

Goodbye, camera roll! Snapchat launches Memories, a way to search your past snaps

Snapchat may be known for its disappearing messages, however the social media app now wants you to save pictures to look at later using Memories, its attempt at a camera-roll replacement.
Android Army

Suunto wants to make a dent in the sports-watch market with the Spartan Sport

Suunto is hoping to make a dent in the sports-watch market with the Spartan Sport, a fitness tracking watch that has GPS and a focus on design that makes the Spartan Sport sleeker than most sports watches.

Microsoft’s Thinga.Me app turns images of real-world stuff into digital objects

Thinga.Me, the product of Microsoft's experimental Garage division, uses photo recognition to let you turn real-world objects into digital collections. It's available in beta on iOS.

Verizon now lets you carry over data, and gives you more at a higher cost

You can finally carry over data thanks to Verizon's newly revamped My Verizon app. And if you're ever out of data, you can trigger a Safety Mode to stay connected at a slower speed. You'll also find new data plans, with new prices as well.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar confirms Insider program will continue after Anniversary Update

The new head of Microsoft's Windows Insider program said that it will continue to roll out preview builds long after Anniversary Update lands in August.

Huawei's lawsuit targets T-Mobile for alleged unlicensed use of 4G patents

First, Huawei sued Samsung, and now the Chinese company is suing T-Mobile. Both lawsuits involve alleged patent infringements, but the one against T-Mobile involves alleged unlicensed use patents related to 4G.