Give your digital photos an Old Master look with eWilner Frames app

If presentation is everything, then sometimes, it's really the frame that makes the art. That'll be the case when you start framing your digital art with the eWilner Frames app, which lets you elevate selfies with frames fit for a Picasso.

Trends with Benefits: We’re freaking out about VR, and you should be too

This week on Trends with Benefits, the DT crew discuss their favorite cereals, the merits of the HTC Vive circulating the office, and go in-depth on Apple's upcoming March 21st event.

You can now binge on porn with T-Mobile’s MiKandi partnership

In a move that is ballsy even for a company known for its no holds barred approach, T-Mobile has now added MiKandi to its list of Binge On providers, which means that you can now stream unlimited amounts of porn.

Microsoft attempts to lure developers with tool to port Chrome extensions to Edge

Microsoft is attempting to lure developers over to Edge by creating a tool that will help those developers port their Chrome extensions easily over to Microsoft's web browser.
Emerging Tech

Oombrella is an un-losable umbrella that’s built to withstand high winds and heavy rain

Oombrella is a smart, social umbrella packed with environmental sensors. Users can get real-time weather updates to the smart phone app, and keep track of lost umbrellas with the help of oombrella's community of users.
Smart Home

You’ll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using Microsoft’s HoloLens at Lowe’s

You'll soon be able to redesign your kitchen using the Microsoft HoloLens at certain Lowe's stores. The headset will allow users to start with a completely bare kitchen, then add the components that they want.

Google Maps lets you change your home and work icons

The latest Google Maps update lets you change your home and work images into various different icons, from a dragon or a castle, to a windmill or a crane. The update should be available on Android now.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has the top-ranked smartphone camera

Samsung promised the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would have amazing cameras, and boy did it deliver. Popular camera review site DxoMark review the S7 Edge and declared it the best smartphone camera in the world.

Lenovo waves buh-bye to Motorola President Rick Osterloh in big shakeup

Lenovo is set to completely restructure Motorola, and the first victim of the shakeup is Motorola President Rick Osterloh. Osterloh led the company through the Lenovo acquisition, but his time at Moto is done.

Samsung is on a roll: New patent shows a smartphone with a flexible roll-out screen

Samsung filed a new patent for a roll-up display that will allow you to unroll your smartphone when you want a bigger screen, and then roll it up again to fit it back in your pocket.

Why Apple’s next iPhone may kill the headphone jack, and what it means for you

The rumor mill has all but confirmed the new iPhone 7 will come without a standard headphone jack. So what does that mean for you? Follow us as we explore the strange new world where Lightning and Bluetooth reign supreme.

March Madness fans, here's how to play Facebook Messenger's secret basketball game

Facebook quietly added a new mini basketball game to its Messenger app this week as a treat for fans chatting about March Madness (or basketball in general).

Spotify agrees to pay $21 million to artists in unpaid royalties

After being slammed with lawsuits left and right, Spotify comes to agreement with the National Publisher's Music Association to pay $21 million in unpaid royalties to music publishers and songwriters.
Social Media

Twitter may be keeping its 140 character limit after all, CEO says

While Twitter has rumored to be doing away with the 140 character limit, CEO Jack Dorsey says the rumors have been greatly exaggerated, as the 140 character limit is here to stay. But is Dorsey telling the whole truth?

Developer survey shows growing preference for OS X

As part of a survey where more than 50,000 programmers were asked about their various habits with regards to developing, over a quarter voted OS X as their favorite operating system, beating out Windows for the first time.

Oops: In Lavabit case, Feds forgot to redact ‘’

Lavabit's owner Ladar Levison wasn't allowed to say who the feds were targeting when they requested his secure email company's private SSL keys, as he was under threat of contempt and faced possible jail time. Now he doesn't need to.
Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift was never going to include Touch controllers at launch, Luckey says

According to Oculus founder Palmer Lucky, adoption of the headset will take multiple years, and the company was never going to include the Touch hand-tracking controllers at the launch of the headset.

Best app deals of the day! 10 paid iPhone apps on sale for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App…