JPay’s KA Lite education app for inmates helps rehabilitate prisoners

Beyond removing dangerous individuals from society, there is also a need for prisons to rehabilitate inmates, preparing them for life beyond the bars. And a crucial component of this rehabilitation effort lies undeniably in education.

Hound, Roger, Anchor, and more: Check out these five apps of the week

Take a look at our top five new apps of the week. Roger is finally out on Android, and SoundHound brought Hound out of private beta. Tech newsletter Morning Reader also released an iOS and Android app, so you can keep up with the latest on…
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Only emojis were used to create this real estate listing for the White House

Zoe Mendelson, a long-form emoji enthusiast, created a real estate listing for the White House with naught but emojis, including all the most important info about the presidential mansion.

Man accidentally shoots and kills himself while taking selfies

A Washington man accidentally shot and killed himself while taking selfies after he believed the gun to be empty of bullets. The death is currently being investigated as accidental.

Samsung might be working on an updated version of the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

It's rumored that Samsung is currently working on a refreshed version of the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. According to reports, the tablet will pack more powerful internals and updated software.

Fake vomit scandals are happening in Uber rides across America

It's disgusting, it's duplicitous, and apparently, it's being done in Uber cars across the U.S. A number of reports have surfaced claiming that Uber drivers are planting fake vomit in their cars to collect cleaning fees from customers.
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DinnerCall lets you order pre-made meals from your grocery store

DinnerCall, a mobile marketplace app for family dinners, is allowing users to order pre-made or ready-to-eat meals from their local grocery stores. This app is also designed to help grocers meet their quota of selling fresh food.

This Spotify survey found the musical mixes that electrify exercisers

Spotify data shows which artists and songs are the best for not only keeping us entertained, but helping us burn through our daily calories. Pop and hip-hop tunes were among the most favored in the gym.

New Malware, Accessibility Clickjacking, affects 65% of Android devices

Skycure co-founders Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit revealed that a new kind of malware puts a stunning 500,000,000 Android phones at risk. That's the equivalent of 65 percent of Android devices on the market today.
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You can now share Spotify songs directly through Facebook Messenger

Spotify's new integration with the social media platform will allow users to share songs or playlists directly within Facebook Messenger. Simply go to the "more" tab in the Facebook app, and send your favorite tunes to your favorite people.
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Meerkat is moving away from livestreams and toward being a video social network

Meerkat has come up with a solution for its poor numbers -- they're not shuttering, but they're moving away from the livestream space, and moving toward becoming a video social network instead.

Apartment hunting made easy: This app only shows you pads you’re guaranteed to get

Apartment hunting can be painful, but a new app called HomeMe is putting the entire process in the palm of your hand. You'll only be searching through places you're pre-approved to rent, which means you're guaranteed to get a place if you…

Amazon backtracks, says 'full-disk encryption' will return in a spring update

In the most recent update for its Fire tablets, Amazon has removed device encryption, a move that could be seen as backwards thinking. But the company has since backtracked and says full-disk encryption will return in a spring update.

How not to make wearables: The hideous Cybertool is a cautionary tale

Wearables are so difficult to get right, sometimes even old-school watch makers mess it up. The Cybertool is an Acer-designed smart accessory that will utterly ruin the look of your classy Victorinox Inox for just $100.

The BlackBerry Priv is now available at Verizon with its QWERTY keyboard

The BlackBerry Priv is now available from Verizon, essentially meaning that the device is now available to 80 percent of U.S. customers. The device's main draw is the fact that it is one of the few to offer a physical keyboard.
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Snapchat gives baseball fans an inside look at the dugout and bullpens

Snapchat and MLB have announced an expansion of their deal, which will see players contributing to live stories and even using the SnapBat selfie stick. The new Snapchat stories will show the dugout and bullpens up close and personal.

Best app deals of the day! 10 paid iPhone apps on sale for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App…

Sign-ups for Pokemon Go ‘field test’ kick off in Japan, other countries coming later

After Niantic cancelled its GDC presentation for Pokemon Go, it looked like the game might be delayed, but sign-ups for a "field test" of the game have kicked off in Japan, with other countries to come later.