We got a sneak peak at the latest underground tech from Samsung’s C-Lab

Deep inside Samsung's headquarters is C-Lab, where employees are encouraged to develop their own tech projects, which may become full-fledged products in the future. We tried out three of the latest and most advanced prototypes.
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John Legere defends Binge On in a Twitter rant against the EFF

John Legere isn't one to mince words, and yesterday, he set Twitter a-twitter with a rant against the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) after they questioned his Binge On program. Legere's rant included some choice vocabulary.
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India bans Facebook’s Free basics with a new Net neutrality law

A new ruling by India's telecom regulatory body has banned Facebook's free Internet service, and similar programs, over net neutrality concerns and "discriminatory tariffs." The temporary block on Free Basics by Facebook will now become…

Microsoft SIM card-based data service revealed in Windows 10 app

Microsoft is preparing to launch a contract-free wireless service using proprietary SIM cards for Windows 10 devices, based on a new app found on the Windows store.

Apple’s dual-camera setup is likely to be a game changer for smartphone cameras

Apple's likely to offer a dual-camera setup on a future iPhone, but what can it do? A recent patent application tells us exactly what Apple is thinking, and it's likely to be a game changer.

Google removes 13 malware-infested apps from Play Store

Google has banned 13 apps from the Play Store, after finding traces of malware capable of automatically rating an app and surviving a factory reset. Some of these apps were quite popular on the store, with over 100,000 downloads.

T-Mobile’s $120 family plan with 4 lines and 24GB of data is back

T-Mobile reduced the cost of its family plan to $120 per month for four lines with unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data per person. The deal also comes with all of the usual extras from the Uncarrier, but it's a limited-time offer.

Tom Brady turns Android Wear watch face designer for TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has persuaded Tom Brady, Jeremy Lin, and Giancarlo Stanton to design personalized faces for its Carrera Connected Android Wear smartwatch. They'll be released before the end of January.

Inside Qualcomm’s Invisible Museum and the future of Silicon Valley

Qualcomm's tech powers most Android smartphones, but the company has a lot going on behind the scenes. Its Invisible Museum setup guides you through the future of smart tech with connected cities and 5G.
Emerging Tech

Harness the energy of the sun for your phone or tablet with NRG’s Sunbook

If you're looking to even further divest from fossil fuels, you might want to consider two new consumer solar power products from American energy company NRG, who debuted the Sunbook 7 and Sunbook 14 kits at this year's CES.
Emerging Tech

This device can wirelessly charge your phone from 30 feet away

Ossia's Cota charger, a product more than ten years in development, can wirelessly charge devices up to 30 feet away. A consumer development kit supporting the device is expected by the end of 2016.

BlackBerry only has eyes for Android in 2016, says CEO John Chen

BlackBerry is putting its BB10 mobile OS to one side in 2016 and focusing purely on Android, CEO John Chen said this week. While unable to offer specific details, he said to expect one, possibly two, new Android handsets from BlackBerry in…

Casio’s first Android watch can take a hike, and survive for a month

Casio is the latest traditional watch maker to take a stab at making an Android Wear smartwatch. It's the WSD F10, and it's a brute of a device, but it has a selection of cool features that make it different to the competition. Here's what…

Goodbye, Moto: Lenovo’s retiring the iconic Motorola brand

A little over two years since it purchased the iconic company from Google, Lenovo's phasing out the Motorola brand this coming year. It's part of an effort to unify the two firm's products under a single roof.

This new app claims it can translate your baby’s crying sounds to predict what’s wrong

A new app made by Taiwanese medical researchers claims it can translate a baby's crying sounds to predict what's wrong. Infant Cries Translator claims its predictions are right over 90 percent of the time.

California teenager blames iPhone’s Wi-Fi Assist for his $2,000 bill

A California teenager probably turned as white as paper when he found out his share of the family phone bill came out to just over $2,000. He blamed iOS 9's Wi-Fi Assist feature for the data overages that led to the huge bill.

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2016 award winners

Digital Trends picked the biggest, the best, and the craziest for our Top Tech of CES awards.

Facebook Messenger hits another milestone of 800M users, with 250M added in 2015

Facebook has announced 800 million active monthly users are now on Messenger, making it the fastest-growing app worldwide and second-fastest on iOS with 250 million new users in 2015. Now, the Messenger team wants to bolster its lead.