Hey Cortana! Welcome to Android and iOS

After months of beta testing, Cortana has finally made its official debut on iOS and Android. Microsoft also announced a partnership with Cyanogen OS, saying that the personal voice assistant will be coming to the OnePlus One.
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Pinterest’s new acquisitions will make it easier to find, buy pins on the app

Pinterest has acquired two startups to help index images and boost mobile shopping on its app. It is thought that the teams from Pext and The Hunt will make it easier for users to find and buy pins on Pinterest.

Mozilla axes Firefox OS for smartphones

Firefox OS debuted in 2013 and didn't really take off, and now after two years of struggling to gain a solid user base, Mozilla is shutting it down. The company is focusing on developing its Firefox browser over its other services like…

10 awesome tips to get the most out of your Google Nexus 6P

If you own a Google Nexus 6P, you are no doubt a power user looking to unlock the full potential of your smartphone. Look no further because these Nexus 6P tips and tricks will show you how to master your phone in no time.
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Give everyone you know and trust the keys to your home with this $89 smart lock

The Lark-Wi Blueguard-E smart door lock, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, is probably the cheapest we've seen. Right now you can get it on Kickstarter for $89, with delivery expected in March 2016.

Google releases Android 6.0.1 with updated emojis and more

Google has just released its first update to Android Marshmallow. The 6.0.1 will hopefully squash a few existing bugs, but it introduces a few new features such as updated emojis as well.

Big, bold, and badass: Say goodbye to the Nexus 6

Check the Google Store lately? You won't find the Nexus 6 there. That's right, the company says the device is "unavailable for purchase" now. With the Nexus 5X and the 6P leading the way, Google doesn't want last year's model cramping their…

Otterbox’s new iPhone-only cases are as tough as they are attractive

Otterbox has designed a new case called the Statement Series, and made it exclusively for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and the Plus models. It's a partially transparent case with leather accents, that's as strong as it is good-looking.

At Best Buy the Apple Watch now starts at $250, but be quick if you want one

The Apple Watch is Apple's latest and greatest offering, and perhaps the most controversial piece of mobile hardware yet. Here's everything you need to know about the Apple Watch how and where to buy one.

Google’s Pixel C is now available starting at $500

Here's the latest on Google's latest tablet, the Pixel C, which is made by the same team that brought the Chromebook Pixel. The device can be paired with a $150 Bluetooth keyboard by Google via magnets.
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Extra froth, please! De’Longhi’s PrimaDonna Elite brews precisely what you choose

We've seen a few app-controlled coffee makers, but the De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite does more than let you turn on and off the machine from bed; it gives you more control to make customized coffee.

New pictures emerged of Nokia's cancelled gesture-sensing Windows Phone

New images of the Nokia's ill-fated Lumia McLaren, once the rumored successor to the much-lauded Lumia 1020, have emerged on Chinese social media. The flagship Windows Phone was expected to feature an improved PureView camera and gesture…

Google wants to beautify your OnHub router with three new cases

Google has launched three new shells for its already attractive OnHub router. It has also launched a makers project, commissioning designers to rethink the humble Internet router — and giving users the tools to do the same.

Apple releases iOS 9.2, brings Arabic language support to Siri

Among today's releases are iOS 9.2 and watchOS 2.1, which bring mostly minor updates to iOS and the Apple Watch. Improvements to Safari View Controller and the addition of Arabic language support for Siri are the prime features of this…

3D Touch on Android? Instagram is bringing the feature from iOS

It turns out you don't exactly need a pressure-sensitive screen to make use of some 3D Touch features on other apps. Instagram is bringing over its "peek" view from iOS to Android, which lessens the number of times you have to tap the…

Apple mapping out successful strategy for Apple Maps

In 2012, Apple Maps was the laughingstock of the tech world with frequent issues plaguing the system, but three years on most of the issues have been fixed, and users are returning to Apple's mapping solution.

Wonder what you’d look like with blue eyes? Check it out with ModiFace Live

Thanks to a new iOS application called ModiFace Live, you can now apply photo-realistic video effects to your face on live video, essentially allowing you to put on makeup, whiten your teeth, and even enhance your skin, just not IRL.

Samsung’s getting serious about security updates for its Android phones

Samsung vowed to push security updates to its Android phones, but is the company really committed? The answer appears to be yes, based on the most recent updates to the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.