You can now choose a photo for your keyboard thanks to Google Keyboard 5.1

Google has started rolling out version 5.1 of its Keyboard app, boasting a number of changes, including new emojis and customizable themes. This will allow users to choose from a color or even a photo as a theme for their keyboard.

Amazon Prime Day’s record sales pretty much guaranteed Prime Day 2017

Now that Prime Day 2016 has come and gone, it is time to dissect how the company did on its second-annual fake holiday. Overall, the picture sure seems rosy for Amazon, which looks to continue Prime Day for next year.

Path to higher productivity is focus, not multitasking, study finds

A Bryan College report on multitasking, especially among millennials, points to huge productivity costs plus a high cost in job turnovers. The report explores the problems and offers solutions for millennial job turnover and to reduce…

People are more satisfied with the Apple Watch than any other smartwatch, but not by much

According to J.D. Power's 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report, Apple garnered the highest customer satisfaction score with its Apple Watch smartwatch. However, the likes of Samsung and Sony are not too far behind.
Product Review

TP-Link’s AC3150 brings the Wi-Fi without the attitude

High-end routers are finally shedding garish gaming skins and heading for average households, but will families be willing to splurge for the $200 TP-Link’s advanced capabilities?
Emerging Tech

AT&T wants to solve your concert connectivity woes with LTE-equipped drones

AT&T has the perfect solution to LTE congestion at concerts: a hovering network of drones overhead. It also intends to experiment with drones in emergency response scenarios.

AccuWeather’s Android app now gives you the ability to see the future

AccuWeather has released a big update to its Android app that includes a number of great new features, including a 'Dark Theme,' more weather graphs, and the ability to see radar-based precipitation forecasts up to two hours ahead.

Pokémon Go is doing wonders for people with social anxiety and depression

Everyone's talking about Pokémon Go and for good reason -- the game by Niantic Labs is reportedly helping improve people's mental health.

‘Pokémon Go’ is now responsible for a breakup

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt -- or in this case, heartbroken. The wildly popular 'Pokémon Go' game has certainly encouraged players to explore, but sometimes, they're going places they probably shouldn't.

Take that, Apple! Samsung’s Galaxy S7 outsells the iPhone 6S

The Galaxy S7 outsold the iPhone 6S in the three months ending in May. However, the two companies together are dominating the mobile phone market, with the ten most popular devices all either Apple or Samsung

Communicate better with Fleep and its efficient messaging system

Fleep, the Tallinn-based startup created by ex-Skype engineers, is looking to support non-intrusive communication for quicker, more collaborative conversations in order to improve efficiency.

Think your solid state drive is fast? It has nothing on MRAM

IBM has revealed a breakthrough in the production of MRAM that could lead to much faster, more compact storage. It could change everything from smartphones to servers.