Online shopper orders Kindle but receives patient’s tumor sample instead

In what must be one of the oddest mix-ups for an online shopper to date, Brit James Potten was shocked to discover that inside his delivered package wasn't the eBook reader he was expecting, but instead a human tumor sample.

This is what the battery in next-gen sports gear will look like

Maxell, Kopin, and Maxim all introduced new tech that tackles the problem of bulky batteries in tomorrow's slim electronics. Hitachi Maxell and Kopin teamed up to introduce a new battery, while Maxim designed a new power component.

Lyft is determined to rival Uber

Rather than looking ready to lay down its arms, Lyft is determined to keep competing against Uber's on-demand ride services. It's the experience of the service they have faith can compete with the well-established rival.

Bluetooth bow ties, kitty cams, and more weird wearables for your pet from CES

Wearable tech is booming -- it's a trend that can't go unnoticed at CES 2016. While pet wearables have been around for a while, here's a fresh look at a few directly from the show floor at CES 2016.

Weekly Rewind: CES 2016, Making a Murderer, and a video of a puddle goes viral

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…
Emerging Tech

Awsome tech you can't buy yet: haptic VR suits, shape-memory 3D printing filament, and more

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

I hugged a teddy bear at CES, and it hugged me back

Giant consumer electronics shows are busy, but often lonely places. It's a very good thing we stumbled across the Parihug team, where we hugged a very cute bear. The best part is, it hugged us right back.

Jazz up your workout gear with these 11 awesome fitness wearables from CES 2016

You can find fitness tracking wearables everywhere you look at CES 2016. Take a look at a few we stopped to check out on the showfloor -- from smart shorts to smart bras, and of course, smart bands.
Social Media

Peach is the new social media messaging app everyone’s talking about

On Friday, a new social network took social media by storm, and the world was introduced to Peach, a messaging app created by Vine founder, Dom Hofmann. It's a combination of Slack, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course, Facebook.

Motorola wants to address responses to its COO's statement at CES

Motorola wants to address the responses to a statement made by company COO Rick Osterloh, who said that parent company Lenovo is phasing out the brand. Motorola will continue to make products under two new sub-brands: Moto and Vibe.

Grindr is going to livestream the J.W. Anderson fashion show on Sunday

Between Tinder's organ donor campaign and Grindr's plan to live stream Jonathan Anderson's Sunday show in London's Fashion Week, dating apps are proving that (like their users), there's much more than meets the eye.
Emerging Tech

This reusable paper notebook can be erased with 30 seconds in a microwave

Once you fill up all the pages, the Rocketbook is able to digitize all your notes and store them in the cloud, and then clear all the pages so you can write on them again.

The MTA is modernizing its transportation system with USB ports, Wi-Fi, and more

Governor Cuomo announced the MTA's thorough modernization for the new year. The plan includes expanding the Wi-Fi network and adding USB charging ports across the fleet of buses and trains. 30 subway stations will undergo a full redesign.

Sprint officially kills two-year contracts, no one mourns

Rest in peace two-year contracts on Sprint. You will be missed by no one. The service provider is doing away with contracts in favor of monthly fees, which will include costs for texting, calling, and data plans.

These 9 gadgets will improve your music, translate speech, and more

We scoured the halls of CES this year for the coolest accessories we could find. The list includes a charger that runs on salt and water, a dongle that improves your music, and more.
Health & Fitness

This smart case warns you when you forget your EpiPen

When you or your loved one has strong allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, having an EpiPen with you at all times is a must. Health company Aterica made a connected EpiPen case that alerts you when you leave it behind or use it.

We got a sneak peak at the latest underground tech from Samsung’s C-Lab

Deep inside Samsung's headquarters is C-Lab, where employees are encouraged to develop their own tech projects, which may become full-fledged products in the future. We tried out three of the latest and most advanced prototypes.
Home Theater

John Legere defends Binge On in a Twitter rant against the EFF

John Legere isn't one to mince words, and yesterday, he set Twitter a-twitter with a rant against the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) after they questioned his Binge On program. Legere's rant included some choice vocabulary.