Palm Zire sales pass 1 million mark

“By focusing on what matters most to the mainstream, we delivered the first consumer handheld to break the sub-$100 price point and reached a previously untapped market,” said Todd Bradley, president and chief executive officer, Palm Solutions Group. “And the mainstream responded — first-time handheld purchasers, including students, families and individuals, have embraced the Zire handheld as an affordable way to organize their busy lives.”

In recent customer satisfaction surveys (April 2003), the Zire handheld rated higher than all or most other brands in overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, likelihood to purchase a Palm handheld again, and value for the price.

Introduced last October as the first $99 handheld (1), the Zire handheld is the most affordable and lightest-weight Palm branded handheld to date. It’s been named as a best product of 2002 by BusinessWeek, PC Magazine and others, attracting new customers all over the world:

    --  In the United States, the Zire handheld was the best-selling handheld        during the holidays, according to The NPD Group, and currently        continues to be among the five top-selling handheld models. The NPD        Group data also confirmed the Zire handheld had the highest sales        figures during its first three months after introduction of any        handheld tracked by the market-information company.    --  In Europe, the Zire handheld was the No. 1 seller during the Christmas        season, with 16 percent of the overall market in December and        January. (2)    --  In Latin America, Palm's Zire handheld deal with Gigante in Mexico is        reportedly one of the largest deals ever in the history of handheld        computing in the region.    --  In Asia Pacific, Palm last month introduced the Zire handheld in        Taiwan, and made its first foray into the Chinese handheld market with        the Zire handheld.

With more than 21 million Palm branded handhelds shipped, Palm products make up a significant percentage of the approximately 29 million Palm Powered(TM) handhelds and smartphones shipped to date. And according to IDC’s study in the United States, Palm Powered handhelds accounted for 71 percent of all personal digital assistants shipped in the second half of 2002.

Extending the Zire Family

Bringing multimedia capabilities to the Palm Zire product family, Palm recently introduced the affordable Zire 71 handheld, which offers a built-in digital camera and Palm’s sharpest high-resolution color screen to date. Media aficionados also will enjoy listening to MP3s (requires the use of an expansion card, sold separately), watching video clips and carrying their personal photo albums wherever they go. The all-new sliding design hides a concealed digital camera for spontaneous photo capture, giving users the ability to capture life on-the-go.

More information about the original Zire handheld and the recently introduced Zire 71 handheld is available at and , respectively.