Patience is a virtue: people are already lining up for the iPhone 6

patience virtue people already lining iphone 6 line
Apple is scheduled to hold an event on September 9, when the company is expected to unveil the heavily-rumored iPhone 6. However, some people chose to forgo waiting at home and instead line up well ahead of the phone’s launch at Apple’s flagship location in New York City, reports CNBC. However, their goals seem to to make some cash instead of actually getting the device.

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Over the past five years, Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz, who represent electronic reseller BuyBackWorld, have made an estimated $7,000 waiting in line and selling their spots to others. This year, both sold their spots for a combined $2,500 to Jason and Moon Ray, who are there to promote an app from VideoMedicine. The app allows for video conversations between doctors and their patients.

Other than those four, we also have Robert Samuel, who founded and owns professional line-waiting service Same Ole Line Dudes, or SOLD. The service charges customers on an hourly rate in order to get an iPhone. Samuel already has orders for seven iPhone 6 devices and an inquiry from an iPhone reseller. “That’s the thing with iPhone fans — even though they just got the iPhone 5S last year, they still want the latest and greatest,” said Samuel.

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Unfortunately for them, they might face a wait. Apple has yet to officially announce the iPhone 6, let alone any launch details. According to rumors, the phone will launch on September 19, though Ceballo has no problem waiting that long. “We wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days,” said Ceballo.

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