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Peak Design’s new universal phone case could meet all your mounting needs

Regardless of whether you’re grabbing a new iPhone 13 or sticking to a Galaxy S21, fiddling with bulky or unreliable mounts before a long drive could be a thing of the past. Mobile by Peak Design is a continuation of its efforts to simplify phone accessories so that you only need one case and a few accessories for both protection and mounting.  The goal is to offer the convenience of just one or two accessories, without a loss to practicality or style.

How the new case system works is that there are magnets built straight into Peak Design’s cases to ensure that your phone stays exactly where you put it. Whether that’s on a bike, in your car, or even just at home on your desk. Because the magnets are universal on Mobile’s Ecosystem, your phone can work with the entire Mobile line. It’s also compatible with Apple’s other MagSafe accessories you may already have as well as any non-MagSafe wireless chargers. How useful MagSafe is as a whole is likely a question that’s best answered by your own usage.

Your new iPhone needs a Peak Design case, and here's why.

The accessory line features three different phone cases. The Everyday Case has a slim shape sporting a nylon canvas with rubberized edges for optimal protection. Its counterpart, the Everyday Loop Case, comes with a built-in finger loop to help you keep an easier grip on your phone. Last, but not least, is the Universal Adaptor which makes the system compatible with any third-party case you still want to use without having to upgrade to a new case right away. Just make sure not to use it with any soft leather or silicone cases.

Image of Peak Design Wireless Charging Stand.
Peak Design

The Mobile Ecosystem also boasts a wide array of mounts and other accessories that work hand-in-hand with the cases:

  • Mobile Tripod
  • Creator Kit
  • Wireless Charging Stand
  • Wall Mount
  • Slim Wallet
  • Stand Wallet
  • Car Mount
  • Charging Car Mount
  • Out-Front Bike Mount
  • Universal Bar Mount
  • Motorcycle Bar Mount
  • Motorcycle Stem Mount

The Everyday Case is available for all iPhone 11, 12, 13, and Samsung Galaxy S21 models for $40. The Loop is only obtainable for iPhone 12 models — except Mini — and iPhone 13 models. It’ll clock in at a $50 price point. The Universal Adaptor offers a cheaper alternative for just $30.

You can find out more about price and accessory options on Peak Design’s site.

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