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Pebble says we’re ‘in for a treat’ — Will it be a new smartwatch?

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Pebble hasn’t released any new products for a few months, but it seems as though that’s about to change — the company has begun teasing a big reveal for Tuesday.

A countdown now appears on the company’s homepage, and once that countdown reaches zero, we’ll presumably see a new Pebble product. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about what the product is, but you can give Pebble your email to be notified of whatever the news is once it arrives.

The timer on the website is counting down to 10 a.m. EDT Tuesday, which is when, according to the website, we’re “in for a treat.”

So what exactly will we see at the end of the countdown? It could be literally anything at this point. Pebble tweeted a picture of an hourglass on a Pebble watch with the caption: “Everything’s better with friends.” Gee, thanks Pebble, that gives us absolutely no new information.


— Pebble (@Pebble) May 22, 2016

The obvious assumption is that the announcement will be of a new watch. Pebble is a smartwatch company, and unless it’s planning on getting into a new market, a smartwatch reveal makes sense. Of course, the countdown could also be for a major software update to the Pebble watches, or perhaps a big sale on its devices. All of those options would certainly count as a “treat.”

Last year was a big year for Pebble — we saw the company’s first color watch in the Pebble Time, as well as its first circular watch in the Pebble Time Round. It will be interesting to see if Pebble is able to continue that momentum this year.

Stay tuned for more information on Pebble’s big reveal.

Let us know in the comments section what you think we could be in for from Pebble tomorrow.

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