Pebble to share “big news” about its smartwatch during November 6 event

Pebble Smartwatch media

There are a few things the team behind the Pebble smartwatch would like to tell us, and a live streamed event has been set for November 6, where some apparently, “Big news” will be shared. To confirm the event, Pebble returned to the scene of its birth, Kickstarter, where it posted an update for its backers.

Pebble’s post opens with, “We know it has been a long time since we shared an update, but we’ve had our heads down focusing on some exciting developments and big news is brewing.” It’s then highlighted that anyone developing apps for Pebble will be especially interested the event, indicating some new features may be added in a forthcoming software update.

The Pebble is one of the most successful crowd-funded projects ever, with more than 68,000 backers, and although not the only smartwatch on the market, the timing of its arrival meant it took advantage of the brewing interest in wearable technology. Since leaving Kickstarter, the Pebble smartwatch has moved on to be sold online and in retail stores such as Best Buy and AT&T.

If Pebble’s event is to share news of a software update and a selection of new features, it’ll be welcomed by the watch’s army of fans, who if the comments on the official forum are anything to go by, are becoming disillusioned by the company’s recent silence. An “Open Letter to Pebble” posted this week says that while the watch is great, “The software leaves a lot to be desired,” and complains of an, “information vacuum” when it comes to news of new developments.

Will the news revealed on November 6 calm existing owners down, and be special enough to attract new ones? Pebble clearly thinks the news will prompt discussion, as two team members will be taking to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session straight after the live streamed event. It begins at 10am PST on November 6, and will be streamed on Pebble’s website.