PhoneSoap XL will sanitize your tablet, multiple smartphones


Hitting a $30,000 funding goal on Kickstarter already, the team at Phonesoap is betting you will want to sanitize your dirty tablet with the PhoneSoap XL. Utilizing four UV-C bulbs within the PhoneSoap XL chamber, your tablet is blasted with the UV light for five minutes in order to kill all the nasty bacteria. In fact, the chamber can be used for any electronic device including smartphones and smartwatches as well as commonly used, likely dirty items like house keys, a remote control or a computer mouse.

The size of the device is 9.9 inches deep x 3 inches wide x 8.5 inches high, thus it should fit on a shelf fairly easily as well as accommodate common tablets like the iPad Air. However, larger tablets like the iPad Pro won’t fit since that tablet is 12 inches in length. The PhoneSoap XL does includes a 2.4 amp USB port, ideal for charging a tablet or smartphone while running the cleaning process. There are also LED lights on the front of the PhoneSoap XL used as a visual indicator of the active cleaning mode.

The PhoneSoap XL is a significant size upgrade from the original PhoneSoap, which is designed to clean one smartphone at a time. That device uses two UV-C bulbs to clean devices as larger at the iPhone 6 Plus. The original PhoneSoap is being sold online and as well as shopping channel QVC; a partnership that sprouted from an appearance on Shark Tank and a sizable investment from Lori Greiner.

Targeting a March 2016 release date, early backers can snag a discounted $99 price on the PhoneSoap XL. When the PhoneSoap XL is released, it will retail for $119.99; a price that’s double the cost of the original PhoneSoap.  If the Kickstarter project reaches a $50,000 stretch goal, PhoneSoap will add two additional USB ports for charging multiple devices. As with all Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, be aware that manufacturing delays often push back the delivery window of the finished product.