PicsArt users can now sticker up before even taking the shot with latest update

picsart adds live stickers picsartlivestickers

Photo apps love stickers, well, the way a toddler loves actual stickers — and popular mobile photo editor PicsArt is adding a new way to sticker. On Monday, June 5, PicsArt launched live stickers that can be placed in the live camera mode before users take the shot.

The latest update allows users to take the custom stickers — either made or shared by another user — and add them to their shots before actually tapping the shutter release. This sticker-first, shoot-later approach allows users to build their shot around the easy-to-add artwork, from cat photobombs to unicorns, donuts, and crowns.

PicsArt users can access the live stickers by tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the app’s home screen, then choosing “edit” and selecting the camera. At the bottom of the screen, a sticker icon will bring up a carousel of stickers at the bottom of the screen. Users can find more options, including a search tool, by swiping up on that carousel.

Stickers are then simply dragged onto the screen, with the usual two-pinch gesture allowing for sticker resizing. Tapping and holding the sticker brings up the trash can to ditch the sticker and try another. Once the photo is shot using the live sticker, the image can then be edited with PicsArt’s gamut of editing tools.

The new feature is an extension of the custom stickers launched earlier this year in March. Using PicsArt’s editing tools, users can create their own stickers and share them with other PicsArt users. An export option allows the custom stickers to be shared inside social media platforms, which helped bring the photo accessory to its current popularity in the first place.

PicsArt, which now boasts over 400 million installs, is a free download for both iOS and Android users, with in-app purchases available.