PicYourWeekend helps you New Yorkers make the most of your free time


Here’s a new idea which could be of interest to those with busy work and social lives. It’s called PicYourWeekend, and it comes from the team behind PowerInbox, an email add-on that provides more control over your Gmail account. PicYourWeekend aims to bring you a list of activities, all personalized according to your preferences, to make planning your weekend quicker and easier.

While it’s billed as one of those services suitable for incredibly busy people, this is the marketing-friendly view, as it’s just as relevant to those of us who’re terribly indecisive or lazy. But they don’t make very good subjects for ads. It works by sending interactive emails to your account, which show a selection of activities about which you may be interested.

You’re then presented with the option to like or dislike them, and after PicYourWeekend works its magic, a selection of events or activities in your local area which may suit you are offered. You can give it a try on the website, which also gives a good look at the style of emails which will be delivered. It’s certainly more attractive than a few simple tick boxes. In the same way as some music apps learn your taste as you skip tracks, so PicYourWeekend will start offering more relevant suggestions the more you use it.

PicYourWeekend is free to use, but it’s only tracking events in New York at the moment, and only operates when you use Gmail in Chrome. You’ll also need to sign-up using your Facebook account, so there’s a fair degree of restriction at this point. The team promises to expand to other cities around the world in the near future.