As interesting as the Plux charging pad sounds, it hasn’t been Qi certified yet

If you’ve gone all in on Apple, you need a battery charger that has done the same. And here to help is Plux, heralded as the world’s first Qi-compatible, multidevice wireless charging pad for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Capable of charging all three devices at the same time, the Plux claims to re-juice your essential electronics with up to 10W of power, saving you both time and money on your energy bill. In fact, Plux claims to help you charge your devices up to 33 percent faster than standard wireless chargers.

Before you get too excited, however, we should point out that the Plux charger is not certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) as being Qi certified. That means that the charger has not been tested by the WPC, and as a result, has not been cleared of certain risks. Those include overheating, damage to charging devices, and potential incompatibility. While it’s possible that the Plux is still safe despite not being Qi certified, it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

If you’re unperturbed by this, however, the Plux is capable of being configured either as a pad or as a stand, Plux allows you to leverage the convenience of wire-free charging. By standing up the charger and using it as a phone stand, you can continue using your mobile device in a convenient fashion — or you can simply set everything down on the Plux pad and live an electronics-free existence for just a little while.

“Whether you’re texting, calling, or watching your favorite shows, don’t let your wireless charger restrict your mobility,” the Plux team notes on its Indiegogo page. “We’ve designed Plux to be an aesthetically pleasing and a highly usable stand that holds your phone up under a viewer-friendly angle.” The accompanying stand converter promises to provide users with an ideal angle for your Face ID and Nightstand Modes, which means that even as your phone is charging, you can easily access notifications, calls, and your favorite content.

More convenient still, the Plux ought to be able to charge your smartphone through its iPhone case. After all, being forced to remove the tightly fitted skin from your mobile device almost makes the wireless charging capabilities not worth it. But as long as your case isn’t thicker than 3mm, the Plux should have the ability to charge right through it.

To keep your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone safe, however, Plux also promises to provide intelligent safeguards that will protect against overheating and overcharging.

Of course, you should always exercise caution when deciding whether or not to back a crowdfunding campaign. That said, if you’re interested in helping to bring Plux to life, the team is offering early bird pricing of $39 with an estimated delivery date of April 2018.

Updated on February 15: Noted that the Plux is not Qi certified by the WPC.