Pocket for iOS update brings native Facebook sharing, easier article deletion and more

pocket for ios update brings native facebook sharingeasier article deletion and more 4 3The folks at Pocket have been busy working on an update to the iOS version of its app, with the fruits of their labor rolled out to users on Thursday.

For those not in the know, Pocket – formerly known as Read It Later – is a free app for a variety of platforms that allows you to save web pages to your mobile device for viewing later at a more convenient time, with no Internet connection required to access saved text-based content.

The latest version, 4.3, brings with it native Facebook sharing and easier deletion of articles, among other things.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can now share content to Facebook (and Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo) more easily, though take note, you need to have upgraded to iOS 6 or above to make use of the new feature.

The update also allows for easier deletion of articles once you’ve finished with them. Before, you had to exit the article page and then swipe the article title in the list to bring up the trash icon. Now you can simply press and hold the archive icon (the check mark) on the article page to bring up a pair of buttons asking if you want to delete or archive the piece you’ve just read.

According to a post on the company’s blog, you can now also:

– jump all the way back to your list after opening links while reading by tapping and holding the back button

– increase the maximum font size in article view

– access the get started tutorial from help at any time

The team has also tweaked the design and fixed a few minor bugs.

Pocket, which began life in 2007 as Read It Later, currently has more than 4.5 million registered users and is available for mobile devices from the iOS store and Google Play.