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Newish Polar Grit X Pro outdoor smartwatch offers tough titanium option

Polar, the maker of sports-focused wearables, has revealed the Grit X Pro, which it refers to as the ultimate outdoor smartwatch. It’s as tough as expected and has some new software features, but it doesn’t seem to have changed that much from the current Polar Grit X. However, there isn’t just one Pro model — Polar also has a second, more premium model in the range, called the Grit X Pro Titan.

All the Polar Grit X Pro models.

Before we get into the Titan model, let’s look at the Grit X Pro in more detail. Polar hasn’t been forthcoming with specifications like screen size, processor, or RAM. There may be some differences that we have not been informed of yet, but if there were, we think Polar would have probably pointed them out. Instead, it concentrated on the new software features, as well as on what makes the watch durable and long-lasting.

The design has been slightly altered from the Grit X, and the Grit X Pro has a new bezel complete with compass and number markings, plus the option of a red and black or an orange and gray leather strap. By using a special adapter, these can be swapped out for any 22mm strap, if you feel like a change. The buttons on the case all have a grippy texture, and there’s a choice of three different case finishes: Nordic Copper, Arctic Gold, or Black DLC.

Polar Grit X Pro.
Polar Grit X Pro

Like the existing Polar Grit X the battery is expected to last for about 40 hours even when using GPS and the heart rate sensor, or about seven days with continuous health tracking. The watch is made from metal and has sapphire crystal over the screen for scratch protection, while the body has been built to MIL-STD-810G toughness standards. This means it’s water resistant to 100 meters and has been tested in extreme temperatures, matching the Grit X.

There are some new software features to enjoy. New dashboards show navigation and location data, sunrise and sunset times, a compass, and data from an altimeter. There are new route and elevation profiles, Polar’s Track Back feature to get you back home even without GPS, and turn-by-turn navigation provided by Komoot. All this is in addition to the expected Polar features, such as sleep and recovery data, performance tests for running and cycling also seen on the Vantage V2, built-in GPS, and plenty of training data and insights.

Polar Grit X Pro Titan.
Polar Grit X Pro Titan

What about the Polar Grit X Pro Titan? It’s the Grit X Pro but made with a titanium case, which is not only stronger and therefore tougher, but it also makes the case 12% lighter than the normal Grit X Pro. It comes with two straps, a waterproof band and a perforated leather strap, so you can tailor it better to your outfit and environment. It does look really swish in the promotional photos.

The Grit X Pro costs $500, or 439 British pounds, and the Grit X Pro Titan is $600 or 520 pounds. Both are available through Polar’s online store starting today.

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