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Pornhub ruins emojis for everyone with new texting for porn service

pornhub emoji4porn texting emoji
Intel Free Press/Flickr
You’ll never look at emojis the same way again thanks to PornHub’s new text-activated, on-demand porn service.

The newly launched feature assigns categories to the existing emojis in your smartphone. Pick your desired kink and send it via text to the designated number, and you’ll immediately receive a curated video that corresponds to your chosen classification.

You can only send emojis to the designated number for your country of residence. Simple text messages and images from your photo library (no matter how smutty) won’t result in a response, according to The Next Web.

Our digital age is fueled by our uncompromising approach to immediate satisfaction. Consequently, it is no wonder that such a service arose in this type of environment. Is there really a demand for text-activated random porn? The entire concept of on-demand services is to give you what you want, when you want it. Now, with the advent of Emoji4Porn (NSFW, obviously), that rule applies to surprise porn clips on your smartphone — just in case you want some me time during your work lunch break.

Worst of all, the on-demand offering takes the heretofore innocent archive of emojis on your smartphone, and turns them into rampant signifiers of sexual stimulation. Trust us when we say that you’ll never look at a fist or cake emoji in the same way again. Check out the image below to see which emoji fits each porn category.

Before we get all preachy about the inherent problems with PornHub’s latest gimmick, let’s not forget that emojis can be, and are, used to express a range of emotion, which includes their incorporation in rude or naughty texts. After all, who hasn’t sent a peach emoji to someone to express their love for an individual’s posterior? Additionally, the communicative method known as sexting is as old as the mobile phone itself. Therefore, consenting adults can obviously do as they please with their emojis.

The problem with Emoji4Porn lies in its reduction of the little yellow icons to frankly discriminatory signifiers. The worst, and borderline racist, example is PornHub’s use of the taco emoji in relation to “Latina” porn clips. Meanwhile, gay porn is designated to the crossed swords emoji, and “lesbian” to the scissor icon. PornHub likely realized that its new service would ruffle a few feathers, and perhaps that was its intention all along.

The newly launched Emoji4Porn feature is now available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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