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Prankster’s ‘cell phone crashing’ video turns into YouTube hit

pranksters cell phone crashing video turns into youtube hit

Here’s something amusing to take you into the weekend.

Called ‘cell phone crashing’, it shows comedian Greg Benson sitting beside different people talking on their handsets at an airport, with Benson pretending to chat to a friend on his own phone while actually responding to everything the person next to him says. Confused? Watch the video and you’ll soon see what’s going on.

Thanks to the flowing dialog and bemused reactions of the other person, things turn out pretty funny, though the outtakes video shows the perils of such phone crashing, like when Benson landed up beside someone whose conversation moved onto the topic of a friend with pneumonia. Benson didn’t really know where to go with that one.

The phone crashing video (below) was posted on Sunday and soon went viral, with the counter currently showing more than seven million views.

Benson has been posting what he calls “irreverent and decidedly un-PC comedy videos” for the last seven years through his Mediocre Films studio, building up quite a following in the process.

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