Preggie app connects moms-to-be: Get ready to share your random cravings

preggie app for moms to be

Women go through a lot of strange and incredible things when they are pregnant. Not all the what-to-expect-when-you’re-expecting books in the world can possibly offer the support, understanding, and sympathetic ear moms-to-be need in moments of crisis. Social media app Preggie, aims to be the perfect outlet for pregnant ladies. Preggie helps women connect based on their projected due date, similar interests, and other factors, such as age and location.

Signing up for Preggie is very easy and doesn’t even require an email address. All you have to do is create a user name and password, enter the stage of pregnancy that you’re currently in, and then you can browse through other women’s posts to find like-minded moms-to-be. Preggie lets you connect with women who have similar interests, are in your area, and have a due date close to yours. Once you’ve found your new gal pal, you can subscribe to her feed and get to know her virtually. You can also like status updates and comment on posts. If you’re interested in meeting up, you can easily communicate using the app.

Every time you get a crazy craving (pickles and sauerkraut like Mila Kunis) or spy the cutest little baby shoes ever (OMG, they’re SO SMALL!!!) you can post on Preggie about it instead of Facebook. Your non-pregnant and guy friends will thank you for this. The idea behind the app, is that nobody understands a pregnant lady like another woman who is going through the exact same thing.

The people behind Preggie also run a popular site for pregnant women and mothers in Russia, called Baby Blog. The site has 7 million users each month, but it is limited to Russian speakers. The Preggie app is international, though, moms-to-be can connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. Obviously, the more women who use Preggie the more useful it will be for pregnant women. The app just debuted today on the iOS App store, but the company says it is working on an Android version, too. Additionally, the makers of Preggie hope to add another app for mothers with children of all ages in the near future.