Prepaid Cell Phones Guide: Pay As You Go Cellular Phone Plans Explained

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Prepaid and Pay As You Go Cellular Service: What’s the Catch?

So it looks like you could save a bundle by opting to go with prepaid cellular service rather than committing the next two years of your life to one of the big guys. Ready to bite? Not so fast. First, step back and look at some of the caveats.

Bad Customer Service1. Please Hold: Poor Customer Service

According to Joseph Pawlikowski, a senior editor at, the biggest step back that most customers take with prepaid phones in terms of overall quality of customer service. “You’re not going to get the same level of customer service as with postpaid carriers,” he says. “That’s the biggest difference because it can be so important. You can be out of a phone for days or even weeks without getting a customer service resolution.” Even major carriers that offer prepaid service, like T-Mobile and AT&T, typically don’t offer the same level of support for prepaid customers, often outsourcing calls to outside call centers and using other cost-cutting tactics.

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