$100 prescription lens option coming soon for Glass, but not from Google

prescription lenses coming to google glass

If you have been holding off purchasing Google Glass because you need to wear prescription glasses, then we’ve got some good news. In early January, Rochester Optical will remove that barrier between you and the chance to part with $1,500, as it’s about to release its own prescription lens option for Glass.

A pre-order page has been put up on Rochester Optical’s website, confirming it’ll be offering, “Digital high definition prescription lenses for Google Glass,” very soon. There’s no exact date or pricing listed, but according to SlashGear, they’ll start at a very reasonable $100 and will be ready to go shortly after CES 2014 closes its doors on January 10.

In a Rochester Optical press release, Glass wearers are told to expect several different style options, such as fashion and sport looks, while a questionnaire reveals the lenses will come in regular plastic, impact resistant Trivex, plus a thin and light material. Additionally, the lenses can be tinted, polarized or mirrored, and have a UV or anti-reflective coating added.

However, it’s not clear how these lenses will be fixed to the Glass frame. In a post on the private Google Glass community forums, Rochester Optical described them as, “lens carrier/frames,” which suggests it’ll offer a variation on Google’s own clear protector lens system (which clips to the existing Glass frame), plus something a little more fashionable. Regardless of the style, Rochester Optical says they’ll be easy to fit, without the need to take Glass apart.

While Google has previously confirmed it’s working on a prescription lens option for Glass, this isn’t it, as Rochester’s product is being developed independently. Now all we need is a picture of Glass with these new lenses fitted, as the look is likely to make or break Rochester Optical’s push into the world of wearable technology.