Obama as you’ve never seen him before: Selfie stick in hand, and shooting imaginary hoops

president obama selfie stick video

Visit any tourist spot in the world, and you’ll see almost as many selfie sticks as people. Take the White House, there’s almost certainly someone nearby wielding one. However, while it’s expected to see people with selfie sticks outside, very few would have expected one to be used inside, and certainly not by the President. Until, that is, the release of this video, which shows President Barack Obama taking rather a lot of selfies using one of the popular accessories.

It doesn’t stop there either. The President shoots imaginary hoops, sketches his wife surrounded with little hearts, wears Joe Biden’s sunglasses, practices his enunciation in the mirror, and even says “Thanks Obama,” when his cookie is too big to dip into his glass of milk.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a look-a-like doing this. It’s the President.

Why? It’s a promotional piece created by BuzzFeed Video, and is pushing the latest healthcare drive, which begins on February 15. It’s effective too, and gets the message across in an amusing, knowing way. Yes, there’s some back story and another guy in the video, but nobody cares about that.

It’s Barack Obama. Using a selfie stick. And it’s awesome.