Pudding Monsters now available in the App Store

pudding monsters available in the app store puddingmonsters

ZeptoLab, the creators of mobile gaming darling Cut the Rope, has officially launched their second franchise. Pudding Monsters is available for iOS devices today.

Most companies take to their second offering by simply looking to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. For ZeptoLab, the bar from its first title is so high it’d be hard not to fall a little. Even so, Pudding Monsters will aim to please. Featuring characters that do their best to match the cuteness and lovability of Cut the Rope‘s Om Nom, Pudding Monsters offeris an entirely new style of play.

When a terrifying villan, in this case just a gluttonous human, is threatening to wipe out the pudding population in the refrigerator, it’s up to these delicious misfits to stick together–literally. Players will slide pudding pieces across the game board in an attempt to pile them into an immovable force. Every pudding has its own personality and special abilities that will come in handy over the course of compounding and adding strategy to each level. There are 75 levels available upon download, plus ZeptoLab has a tendency to add content and is already promising more levels to come.

Pudding Monsters is available in the iTunes App Store for $1 for both iPhone and iPad. Unlocking all available episodes carries a $5 price tag and can be completed from in the app.