Stop counting reps, this workout tracker does the heavy lifting (and a lot more) for you

push fitness armband tracks your workout tracker

These days, it’s hip to wear an activity tracker. Everyone has them, and none are more popular than Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit. They track how many steps you take, how active you are, and sometimes how well you’re sleeping. But that’s pretty much all they do. What if you want specific feedback on your workout? The Push fitness tracking band hopes to change that by helping you in the gym.

Push has well surpassed its $80,000 Indiegogo goal with 12 days to go and will head into production soon. Using a motion sensor, orientation sensor, and what we hope is some really good software, the Push armband records and analyzes every aspect of your workout, and tells you whether you’re lifting too much, lifting too fast or slow, and how to better optimize everything you’re doing in the gym.

To be more specific, it tracks reps and sets, power, balance, force, velocity, volume load, “explosive strength,” and tempo.

You can use your iPhone or Android phone/tablet to create or download workout routines, view your stats as you work out, and share your body building achievements with your other buff friends. The Push website will also have lots of fancy graphs, charts, and stats to help you analyze what you’re doing.

We haven’t been able to try the Push out, but if it’s able to track your workout without needing constant attention, as the company claims, then it may soon be one of the most useful fitness trackers around. Nike, we hope you’re monitoring Indiegogo. These guys are on to something.

Below is the video for the Push. The beginning of it makes it seem like the Push band will turn you into Neo from The Matrix meets Fight Club‘s Tyler Durden, complete with techno power music and crazy 3D interfaces on everything. Who knew that wearing the Push would augment your eyes to see stats on everything and let you move in slow motion? Very cool.

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