You can now order a pizza from your phone by pressing a single button

push for pizza app order a slice
Everybody loves pizza. That’s why it’s served at every 10-year-old’s party, every college club meeting, and every office shindig. Everybody hates ordering pizza, though. The pizza place almost always gets your name wrong, screws up your toppings, or delivers it to your neighbor. To simplify the arduous process of getting some ‘za, a group of teenagers in Brooklyn created Push for Pizza, a brilliant app that has one giant button for ordering pizza.

Before you can get to the blissful stage of single-tap pizza ordering, you have to register with an email, your address, and a phone number. Once you’ve got that covered, you just tap the giant slice of pizza located in the center of the app, which invites you to “Push me,” and the pizza parlor that’s closest to you will pop up. You can then choose how many pies you want, decide whether you want cheese or pepperoni, and search for other restaurants nearby if your favorite one doesn’t pop up.

Push for Pizza

Once you’ve ordered, it’ll ask you for your billing information, which you only have to enter the first time you order. The pizza, delivery fee, and tip are already included in the price, too, so you don’t have to worry about greedy delivery dudes.

The original idea started out as a website made by Will Haack and Graham Carling, but quickly snowballed into a bigger idea and eventually an app once programmers Cyrus Summerlin and Demitri Nava got involved. The end result is Push for Pizza. The creators actually get a percentage of each order made with the app. The best part is it’s free and it works all around the country.

The guys also made this hilarious promo video for the app, in which they not only poke fun at the fact that yeah, their app is really simple and totally ridiculous — not to mention freakin’ awesome — but also mocks the seriousness with which start ups typically pitch their wonky ideas.

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