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Push, pull or drag it in: Verizon accepts AT&T iPhone trade-ins

trade inVerizon will reportedly offer customers the option of trading in their AT&T iPhones for credit toward the upcoming Verizon iPhone. According to MacRumors, Verizon sent out an email indicating that current AT&T users could grab a Verizon iPhone 4 by handing over their models. Here’s what AT&T iPhones can get you when Verizon opens its doors to Apple in February:

  • iPhone 2G, 16GB – $60 (towards Verizon iPhone 4)
  • iPhone 3G, 16GB – $105
  • iPhone 3GS, 32 GB – $160
  • iPhone 4, 16GB – $280
  • iPhone 4, 32GB – $360

For anyone planning on ditching AT&T in favor of Verizon anyway, this could make the process a little easier, versus attempting to sell the iPhone yourself. MacRumors thought it was possible the offer was available only to corporate customers, but a Verizon spokesperson told CNET that trade-in options aren’t exclusive. Credit comes in the form of a gift card and can only go toward purchasing an iPhone at full retail price, or toward a future wireless bill. So you won’t necessarily save that much money if you’re trading in your AT&T iPhone for a Verizon version, but you will be able to ditch your previous device easily. That is, only if you aren’t tempted by the promise of Apple bringing back its formerly expelled unlimited data plan.

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