This tiny remote control will control your smartphone and your smart home

The Qmote is a metal bodied, water resistant remote with a 12-month battery

qblinks customizable remote control phone qmote

We covered the Qblinks – an unusual smartphone remote control, notification, and alarm key fob device – during the summer last year. However, it never saw the light of day, and has since been redesigned and relaunched as the Qmote, a product now available on Kickstarter. The new version has been given a flash body, some additional features, and a lower price, but at the expense of the notification element.

The Qmote is at its heart, a Bluetooth remote control for your Android or iOS smartphone. The body is a big button, which can have up to 11 different functions programmed into it, ready to activate various features on your phone. For example, it can be used to control music playback, act as the camera’s shutter release, activate apps, or to turn on a find-my-phone alarm system.

Each function can have its own combination of button presses and holds specified, all of which are configured through an app. Additionally, the Qmote works with IFTTT, so recipes can be cooked up to control aspects of your smart home, or more complex functions on your phone.

Made from brushed aluminum, the Qmote is water resistant and has a coin-cell battery inside which should be good for a year’s worth of use. No, the notification feature isn’t included anymore, but the company is promising firmware updates to add new features over the year.

The Qmote may have lost a feature, but the price has been dropped to a more sensible $15 if you catch the early bird offer, or $19 if you miss it. You can pay more for multiple Qmotes, or to add a laser engraved message on to the body. The Qmote’s on Kickstarter now with a target of $20,000, which it has until early March to reach.


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