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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Connect branding denotes superior Wi-Fi

Qualcomm is introducing a new badge for manufacturers to ensure customers know when they’re buying a connected device that includes the best possible 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies.

Similar in concept to the famous Intel Inside stickers, Qualcomm envisions its new Snapdragon Connect branding appearing on everything from the latest smartphones and laptops to AR/VR headsets and even connected cars.

A graphic featuring the Snapdragon Connect logo shows a list of features.

“Devices featuring Snapdragon Connect will deliver extremely fast download and upload speeds,” Qualcomm said in a statement, with the expectation that users will be able to “download feature-length movies in seconds and expect perfectly smooth streams of ultra-HD videos.”

It adds that Snapdragon Connect will guarantee that devices “ship with best-in-class 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies” that don’t just deliver top performance, but also “reliable connected experiences” and “astounding multi-gigabit speeds” with minimal latency.

Another aim of Snapdragon Connect devices will be to deliver simplified, “frustration-free” internet access in crowded venues like stadiums, even when people are battling with congestion and aren’t in close proximity to a cellular or Wi-Fi access point.

Snapdragon Connect requirements

To qualify for a Snapdragon Connect badge, a smartphone or hot spot will need to incorporate at least a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor with a Snapdragon X62, X65, or the just-announced X70 5G Modem-RF System. This will ensure that it supports 5G mmWave, Wi-Fi 6E with 160MHz channel bandwidth, and Bluetooth 5.1+, as well as Qualcomm features like Signal Boost and Smart Transmit.

Non-cellular devices like laptops and gaming consoles will need to use Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 or better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets, backed by a Snapdragon 8cx, 8c, 7c+, 7c, or G3X Sen 1 processor. Wearables such as smartwatches will also be eligible to receive a Snapdragon Connect designation, although Qualcomm hasn’t released the details on those requirements yet.

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