Qualcomm teases new Snapdragon-powered phone, and it could be the G Flex 2

qualcomm snapdragon chip teased for g flex 2

Qualcomm may have given us our first look at the LG G Flex 2, in a teaser image published on its official Twitter account. The tweet says, “A new Snapdragon 800 powered smartphone is launching next week at CES – here’s a first look.” What follows is a digitally manipulated image showing a Snapdragon chip inside a mysterious phone.

The picture is of a rear panel featuring a set of buttons, a noted characteristic of LG’s G series smartphones. We’re expecting the G Flex 2 to make its debut at CES 2015, and although the buttons are a different design to the G3, the textured look on the rocker and laser-etched style center button are very similar.

If you’re wondering why LG would choose an aging Snapdragon 800 processor to power the G Flex 2, it’s more likely to be the Snapdragon 805 or the new 810, and Qualcomm really means a Snapdragon 800 series chip. The Snapdragon 805 hasn’t made it into a huge variety of smartphones – most notably the Nexus 6, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge – yet, while the Snapdragon 810 has so far only been announced for Samsung’s revised Note 4 in Korea.

Is it certain Qualcomm’s teasing the G Flex 2? No, but the only other phone we’re expecting to arrive at CES with a set of back-mounted controls is a new Asus Zenfone, and Asus is almost certainly set to continue its partnership with Intel for the updated smartphone range. Additionally, it could turn out to be a completely different phone entirely.

We’ll be at CES 2015 next week to bring you all the news, but in the meantime you can read all the rumors on the G Flex 2 here.